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The Foundation Dr. Hans and Hildegard Koester

The Foundation was established in 2008 by Hildegard Koester, the wife of Dr. Hans Koester. As a nephew of Alexander Koester, Dr. Hans Koester has seen his mission in life to give the artist Alexander Koester the honor that is due to him and to keep his life's work alive by actively promoting
To pursue this goal sustainably, the couple have set up a Foundation in 2008 and brought in their assets, especially consisting of a large number of paintings. 
To fulfill the purpose of the foundation, paintings, property of the foundation,  are made ​​available to the public by means of transfer to Museums. In the medium term, the foundation plans to build a Alexander Koester center in Klausen / South Tyrol together with the province of South Tyrol
In addition, the foundation serves the support of research in the medical field with the focus of cancer research. This was a particular concern of the founder couple, as they were both successfully treated with radiation therapy. Another goal of the foundation is to promote the welfare system. The founder, Mrs. Hildegard Koester, has decreed that particular hospice facilities should be supported

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