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The Artist

Alexander Koester (1864 - 1932) belonged to that minority of artists who experienced fame and success of their work very early. Repeatedly awarded, his paintings were shown at major art exhibitions around the world and traded at high prices.

Only by the shock of the First World War and the advent of avant-garde he lost attention. While the Modern asserted itself more and more, Alexander Koester resulted in the isolation of his Impressionist style undeterred by all the prevailing trends  to the climax.

Alexander Koester, also known as "Duck Koester" who found his mastery in the depiction of ducks for a long time, knew more than any other painter, to reveal in perfection  the play of light and shadow in his works.
In recent years, interest in the Artist Alexander Koester has skyrocketed. Gallery owners, collectors and museums that have his works in possession, today are conscious again of their treasures.



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